Carlos "El Terror" Madrigal is lifted by the "trainer of Oxnard champions" Eduardo Garcia after his third round knockout victory at the Cow Palace in Daly City in April 1998. This fight was just one month after Mr. Garcia guided his son Robert, to become Oxnard's first world champion.

Coach Martin Noriega giving Saul Perez advice before sending him back in the fight.

Rolando "El Pochito" Reyes was on of Oxnard's most exciting fighters to watch. He was known to have crowd-pleasing style with a knockout punch. Reyes lived across the street from the La Colonia Gym and made it his second home. 

Roger Romo getting some work done with the heavy bag. Romo now helps fighters with their training and strength & conditioning locally. - Picture by  Salvador Santamaria.

Graciela Casillas fought in the first ever all-women boxing card in history held on July 13, 1979 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Casillas won her bout by decision.

 Ventura County's favorite heavyweight Adam "The Bomb" Flores smiles for the camera while sitting ringside on fight night.

On November 30, 2002 Felipe Campa takes on Freddy Castro at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, CA. Campa won via 6-round unanimous decision on this night. 

Robert Garcia getting ready to make his entrance to the ring.  - Picture by Salvador Santamaria.

  Felipe "El Alacran" Campa drops his opponent! Campa was one of, now-trainer, Robert Garcia's first professional trainees.

Brothers Robert (left) and Danny (left) Garcia at the fights together.  - Picture by Salvador Santamaria.

 Article on Frank "Panchito" Ontiveros. Ontiveros was a feared fighter in the prison rings while serving time  in San Quentin.

"Sweet" Jose Aguniga wins another amateur fight. Aguiniga and his brother, Mario, were outstanding amateur fighters who boxed out of La Colonia Boxing Club. He left the professional boxing scene with a perfect 33-0 but never fought for a world title. Photo credit : Jesus Solis

 Oxnard pro fighter Antonio Ramirez makes local newspaper headlines after his bout.

 This still very popular "boxing bull" was the idea of the then-president of La Colonia Boxing Club, Manuel Herrera. Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

Felipe Campa (middle) celebrates another victory with Robert Garcia (left) and Eduardo Garcia (right).

"Panchito" Ontiveros helped train and mentor many early Ventura County fighters for many years at the local gyms.

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​​The Garcia Brothers David (left) and Javier "Pelos" (middle) with uncle Mikey Garcia.

Oxnard trainer Louie "Tiny" Patino makes local headlines as usual with his dedication to boxing.

 805 boxer Mariano Solorio knocks out Jeff Rangel in the fourth round of their bout on March 30, 1989 at the historic Hollywood Palladium.

 ​​Many of the regular kids and future top local talent pose for a shot.  Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

Young La Colonia Boxing Club trainees (left to right) Carlos Madrigal, Jose Aguiniga, and Rolando Reyes.

 Louie "Tiny" Patino gets boxing coach position funded by the City of Oxnard in the early 80's. Patino, also known as "The Legend", loved boxing so much he built a homemade ring while living in the city's "Squires" area in the 70's. 

 Current world champion Mikey Garcia posing in front of a mural in tribute to his brother, Robert, in Oxnard. Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

 This was the first logo of the La Colonia Boxing Club. Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

Oxnard fighters (left to right) Ramon Villanueva,  Sal Lopez, Javier Garcia, Mariano Solorio, and henry Prado are featured in Oxnard's The Press Courier newspaper in March 1989. These fighters were trained by Martin Noriega.

​​At the "House of Champions" - (left to right) David "Gordo" Garcia, Brandon Rios, Rolando Reyes, Jose "Sweet" Aguiniga, Manuel Herrera, Mikey Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Javier "Pelos" Garcia, "Vicious" Victor Ortiz, and (front middle) Robert "Grandpa" Garcia.  Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

 (kids left to right) Saul Perez, Pablo "Frogger" Reynoso, Robert Garcia, Danny Perez, and Pedro Velasquez with trainer Martin Noriega holding their winning Jr. Olympic team trophy at the Westminster Boxing Club. Photo credit : Melanie Ley

Melanie Ley posing for a picture at an amateur show with trainer Eduardo Garcia in the background and a happy young Fernando Vargas next to him. Photo credit : Melanie Ley

A young Mikey Garcia stands with his father, Eduardo, and "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas.  - Picture by Salvador Santamaria.

Oxnard Press Courier - The La Colonia Boxing Gym when it was closing down as Oxnard Fire Station #2 and relocating to Pleasant Valley Rd..

 ​​A group picture of La Colonia Boxing Club fighters.  Photo credit : Manuel Herrera

 Roger Romo (right) jabs Matthew Doucette (left) in one of Romo's first sparring sessions at the La Colonia Boxing Club in Oxnard while brother Fernando Vargas shouts words of encouragement. Eduardo Garcia and Rolando Reyes look on.

 Oxnard fighters (left to right) Eddie "Chinito" Contreras, John "Zurdo" Ramirez, Robert "Grandpa" Garcia, and Antonio "Tony" Ramirez.

 Woman boxing pioneer Graciela Casillas, of Oxnard, drops her opponent. She was the first fighter (man or woman) to hold a world boxing and kickboxing title at the same time.

Oxnard fighter Ramon Villanueva makes local headlines after scoring an amateur victory against future world champion Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez.  Villanueva is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Felipe Campa is led to the ring by former fighter, now trainer, Danny Garcia. 

Carlos "El Terror" Madrigal celebrating with family and friends after another victory!

"Dynamite" Danny Perez warming up before an amateur showdown. The top Jr. middleweight contender once trained out of La Colonia Boxing Club before moving near the San Diego area to keep him focused on the sport.  Photo credit : Melanie Ley

 Ring official Melanie Ley with a young Robert Garcia on fight day at an amateur show with older brother Danny (right). Ley has been an official at amateur shows since 1987. Photo credit : Melanie Ley

Oxnard's first two world champions Robert "Grandpa" Garcia and "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas.  - Pictures by Salvador Santamaria.

 Future Oxnard amateur standout, Saul Perez, practices on the double-end bag under the guidance of his trainer and mentor Martin Noriega. Noriega was instrumental in promoting shows for his gym's fighters and getting the help from the community. The shows were televised locally on cable provider Jones Intercable where a young man named Fernando Vargas watching it on TV would find his calling and showed up at the gym soon after.