: Congratulations on the news that you will be the main event at "The War" boxing card in Brooks, CA on February 10th. What was your reaction when you got the news?
Alan Sanchez : I was happy to know I was going to fight in February because for the last couple of years I’ve been fighting just once a year. I talked to promoter Paco Presents and Don Chargin, and they offered me more fights and we have a deal.

TBB : You're going to be fighting just a few miles away from your hometown. What is it like for you to be fighting in the main event in front of your local fans?
AS : It motivates me more because a lot people are coming to support me, and I need to get the win so I can have better fights in the future.

TBB : How do you think it will feel to fight in front of, what I call, the three Big F's (your Family, your Friends, and your Fans) which you will be doing on Saturday night?
AS : It feels good to have everyone there because they believe in me and they support the show. It’s amazing!

TBB : For all these people you're talking about and everybody else that will be in attendance that night, what can we expect to see of you in your fight that night against Ramses Agaton?
AS : A great fight. I’ve been working with Max Garcia, so training is going well. They will see me stronger and more intelligent.

TBB : To those people wondering if they should buy a ticket to the fight, what would you tell them?
AS : Don’t miss this one! Paco Presents and Don Chargin always bring good shows to Northern California, and it will be a great boxing card!

Alan Sanchez's Boxing Record : You've landed another fight on another terrific card in your backyard. How has training been for you since I know you're finishing this camp out?
Ryan Bourland : Training has been good. I have a great team! A lot of people around me making everything possible. And yes, I’m almost done with camp.

 TBB : If you think of your last couple of fights, where do you see the biggest improvements in your skills at this point?
RB : In my conditioning and boxing I.Q..

TBB : You seem to have a lot of fans in Northern California. Why do you think that is?
RB : I’ve always kind of known a lot of people. And once I started fighting, I think a lot of people rooted for me because of my style of fighting and my life story.

TBB : You will be fighting in Brooks, CA which is your backyard you will be defending your GBO title. What does it mean for you personally to be fighting for the title and in front of these people that you speak of?
RB : I’m just excited to share the moment with everyone.

TBB : Your opponent, Jose Hernandez, is no push over. He's a tough fighter who comes to win. What do you think of him? 
RB : I don’t know much about him. I’ve heard he’s tough and in shape.

TBB : Should all go well in this fight. What will be your next big step?
 RB : Honestly, I don’t know. I’m going to just keep climbing until the opportunity comes.

TBB : What can the fight fans expect to see come Feb. 10th?
RB : Two guys that are coming to win!

Ryan Bourland's Boxing Record : Your next fight is a week away. How is training coming along?
Jose Hernandez : Training is great. No injuries, and I feel sharp.

TBB : Your opponent seems very confident and he told me he's ready to go. What do you think of this matchup against Ryan Bourland for the GBO title?
JH : I think it’s going to be an entertaining fight with lots of action. I will be trying to win convincingly.

TBB : You will be fighting in his backyard in Northern California. Will that pose a problem in anyway?
JH : No, I’m not concerned at all. I look forward to it. The pressure is on him.

TBB : What would you like to tell the boxing fans about this event?
JH : You will get your money’s worth for sure. This fight will have plenty of action. Bring your popcorn!

Jose Hernandez's Boxing Record

Miguel Cubos : (Translated) How do you feel your next fight this coming Saturday night?
 Ramses Agaton : I feel good. We’re happy about this opportunity. We’ve been training for this fight since November, and happy about this great opportunity. There’s only a few days until then, so we’re finalizing the details and the weight a bit.

TBB : You’re going to fight Alan Sanchez in the main event and in his backyard. Mentally, will that affect you at all in this bout?
RA : On the contrary, it makes me more excited and now I will make sure to show my talent. It would be even better if we fought in his patio. (Laughs)

TBB : The talented fighters can turn a negative into a positive.
RA : Yes, and that’s the strategy I will show, and that the “real” Mexican is me! With this Ramses you’re going to see a boxer that is ready and charismatic!

TBB : How did you prepare for this particular fight?
RA : Truthfully Alan is a fast boxer, and he knows how to use his distance. I will do the same. The only thing that will change will be my defense and I will be using my reach a bit more. We got tall, fast, Olympic-type sparring partners. Plus, I had great physical training in high altitude. We have to take full advantage of this great opportunity we have been given. In this fight, the counter-puncher will win.

TBB : From everything you’re saying it sounds like you’re more than ready for this fight at this moment.
RA : I was ready the moment Alan accepted the fight. I’m ready for him physically and mentally. I love challenges. We haven’t seen Alan fight top undefeated fighters like I have against Kavaliauskas, Ponomarev, and Custio Clayton. I fight the best. I’m going to give a great fight. That’s why I have been training so hard for all this time.

TBB : Why should the people reading this go and buy a ticket for this event?
RA : First of all, thank you all for accepting my presence in that beautiful country. I want to tell the people to take this opportunity and come support this event. Remember that the best fights happen when the boxers are fighting to get to that championship level like in this event. This is the ladder we have to climb. So to me, what better than to go see two Mexican warriors fight and all they know is to “not back down!”

Ramses Agaton's Boxing Record

Ramses "El Faraon" Agaton

Alan Sanchez : (Translated) You have another date in the ring on February 10th in California. How is training going for you?
Miguel Cubos : Very well. My trainer and I are working hard for this fight. Right now, we’re just fine-tuning those details that will help us get that victory. God willing we get it. : Where are you training right now?
MC : In San Luis Potosí, México. At the gym, Torito Boxing Club.

TBB : My father is from San Luis Potosi. I‘ve never been there, but heard it’s beautiful. On this particular night you will be facing Blake McKernan who will be fighting pretty much at home with a lot of fan support. Will this affect you in anyway?
MC : In that ring it will only be he and I. I will only be concentrating on what I will be doing, and want to be doing. I’m accustomed to fight against all odds. : That is very true. What keeps you motivated?
MC : To better my lifestyle and give my family a better life too. Also, to be recognized in what I love to do the most, boxing.

TBB : What would you like to say to all the people that will be there that night? What will you give them on you part?
MC : I will give the people what they want to see. They will see someone who is willing to die trying. They will see someone that will leave it all in that ring. They are the ones that I worry about, hoping they enjoy the spectacle.


Miguel Cubos' Boxing Record

Michael "Smoove" Gaxiola : You're taking on Ivan Vergara on February 10th in Brooks, CA. When did you start training for this fight?
Michael Gaxiola : Last week.

TBB : How prepared do you feel at the moment for this next contest?
MG : I'm ready bro. I’m always ready. I'm a real fighter. This kid is in trouble. He’s about to go back to his momma’s tit after this. (Laughs)

TBB : He's a young up-and-comer (3-0) who will try to leave that ring with his "0". Sometimes those guys get the judges to score their way if you know what I mean. Does that add pressure to you?
MG : I'm always on the bad side of the business, but  “it ain't no thang but a chicken wang, on a strang”. (Laughs) But in all seriousness, these boxing politics are B.S.. I've been robbed numerous times, and been thrown to the wolves. Basically, against nothing but prospects, but I'm use to this man. Like I said, “I'm a real fighter.”

 TBB : The thing about fighters like you is that you guys fight like you have nothing to lose which only makes it exciting for the fans. Is that what you plan to do Saturday Feb. 10th?
 MG : Yes Sir. I'm always in exciting fights, and always fight my heart out!

TBB : What motivates you to keep fighting and trying to take it to the next level?
 MG : Fighting motivates me. The sport, the art, and my family. I will turn my career around.

TBB : You joked a bit about your opponent, but on fight night it will be serious business. In your opinion, what will happen on that night?
 MG : The fans could expect a good fight. Some smooth moves in the ring, and I bring attitude with my style. It's going to be a good fight. Even if the judges don't see it, the fans definitely will on who the better fighter is. “Smoove” Michael Gaxiola … you better be ready “little boy.” Respect, but you 'don made a mistake for taking this one!

Michael Gaxiola's Boxing Record

 Don’t miss live boxing action Saturday night, February 10th, in Northern California featuring many local prospects. Paco Presents and Don Chargin Productions will put on a boxing card titled “The War” at the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, CA. In the main event, popular local fighter Alan Sanchez (19-3-1, 10 KO’s) battles Mexico’s Ramses Agaton (20-6-3, 10 KO’s) in a welterweight contest. In the co-main event GBO Light Heavyweight champion Ryan Bourland (14-1, 5 KO’s) will put his belt on the line against Jose Hernandez (18-3-1, 9 KO’s) of Rosamond, CA.

 In separate fights local favorites Blake McKernan, Ivan Vergara, and Bruno Escalante will see action. And making his professional debut will be Arnold Dinong originally of Hawaii. Great seats are still available and you can purchase them by clicking on this
Link. See you at the fights!

*** Below are some comments from several of the fighters that will be in action on this night … 

Jose Hernandez

Ivan Vergara

Ryan Bourland : How ready are you for this next matchup?
Ivan Vergara : The preparation leading up to this fight has been great. I feel as ready as I’ll ever be. I can’t wait to be back in the ring and pick up where I left off.

 TBB : There are a lot of great boxing fans in that area. What do you think of your local fans?
IV : Definitely. Man, honestly they are the best. They are always showing endless love and support. It’s incredible. I’m truly honored to be able to represent and give them a great fight every time I go in the ring.

TBB : I got to talk to your opponent a bit ago, and he was very colorful on what he was going to do in this fight. What can the people expect to see come fight time?
IV : They can expect a good night of boxing. I’m going to go in there and do what I need to do, to win. I will put on a great show for everyone in attendance to remember!

Ivan Vergara's Boxing Record