UPDATE - This fight has been Cancelled!

 TheBoxingBar.com : How ready and prepared are you for this fight?
Ricardo Lucio-Galvan : You know, I’m feeling great! I’m coming off of a great training camp and I feel more than ready for Friday night! 
I was training here in Reno, NV. I was going once a week down to Carson City to get some rounds in of sparring with my bro Diego Elizondo who is also fighting on this card. Training ran for about seven weeks and I just feel great mentally and physically.

 TBB : What did you do in this camp different to get you ready?
 RLG : The bread and butter as always is conditioning and running. That’s a must! I ran every morning before school for three miles, and on the weekends I bumped it up to 10 miles and half an hour of only sprints. Strength and conditioning exercises this time we switched it up to every other day. Last time we only did it Monday and Wednesday. This time we increased it to Monday's, Wednesday’s, Fridays, and Sundays. That made a huge difference. I feel more solid than I usually do. In sparring we did 3-4 times a week with 3-4 sparring partners. I would go 8-12 rounds in a row. Other than that, training was pretty much the same as the past. We’re learning and improving our camps with each fight. We’re continuing to learn, and we’re making the necessary adjustments to make sure we are prepared.

TBB : This will be your third pro fight. What have you notice about yourself and your skills since stepping in the ring as a pro?
RLG : You’re right. I'm already going into my third pro fight. I have learned so much from my first and second fight, but especially my last one since it went to the third round and I got my first cut. I’ve learned that I got what it takes to make it far in this sport. All I have to do is stay focused and keep the good habits up. I don’t smoke, drink, or party. I don’t do anything bad and that’s what the sport requires, discipline. Nowadays you don’t really see that and have learned that undergoing a great preparation. I am ready for anything and with each fight I am picking up more and more experience that I can use in the next fight. What I have learned and I need to improve on, at this level, is that I need to relax a little more and box more. Although it’s natural that my inner Mexican boxer tells me to go at it, I need to continue to be smart and choose my punches and combinations so that they’re more precise. Boxing is a sport that you never stop learning from, and that’s one of the things I love about it. You have to use your brain to out smart your opponent.

TBB : You're going to be fighting at home there in Reno. Most would see it as an advantage, but some might see it as added pressure. How do you see it?
RLG : As always, it’s a honor and a pleasure to be fighting at home and especially on this date because it’s a special date for my fellow Mexico natives. It’s always great to see how many people are there for me and knowing I put on a great performance for my city. That's what keeps me motivated and hungry for more! I don’t see it either as an advantage or added pressure. I have fought here my first two pro fights and my opponents come here to try and beat me, but I make sure to stay relaxed and I just go out there and do what I do best like I would anywhere else. I could be fighting somewhere else and the day I do, I just have to do what I have prepared for and not worry about anything but doing whatever it takes to win. Believe me there’s no showing off from my end or being cocky or anything of that nature. It’s just the confidence I have in my team and my preparation.

 TBB : Why should people buy a ticket to go check out this card of live action in Reno on Friday night?
 RLG : People should purchase a ticket to Friday night’s fights because they’ll get to witness the comeback of boxing in Reno. It’s a great card with four boxers being from Reno and Carson City! We’re bringing boxing back to Reno! Oscar has the potential of fighting for a title soon in his division. His brother is challenging a guy from Puerto Rico. Mexico vs. Puerto Rico is a great rivalry in boxing. Diego and I are the young lions from Reno and Carson and we are coming with everything. Our goal is to one day make it big in the boxing world and it’s just another step in the right direction for us. We would all love to see everyone’s support and enjoy themselves with a great night of boxing!

 TBB : What can those people in attendance expect to see of you in your performance on that night?
RLG : I’m bringing everything I got come Friday night. Like my last two fights, I’m going to continue to make a statement and prove that I was made for boxing. Everyone in attendance can expect an explosive performance from my end. I love to put on a show for my people. I’m bringing the fireworks for a special night!

Oscar "Chapito" Vazquez

Ricardo Sandoval

Oscar “Chapito” Vazquez :

“I’m 100% ready and focused for this tough fight. I did more sparring with multiple guys going forward breaking them down and more intense running.” (About being the main event) “It actually helps because everyone is cheering me on. (On his opponent, Ricardo Sandoval) I don’t think so all his fights have been in Mexico and you can make great knockout record like that. I’ve fought better, tougher, and more punching power level guys. This will be a great all around talented card and they are going to witness the future and first ever champion of the world born and raised out of Reno, which is me. I have skill, toughness, talent, and I’m a fighter with lot of heart and desire for bigger things. If I can’t beat this young man, I won’t be world champ plain as that.”

Diego Elizondo :

“I’m very prepared for this fight. I’ve worked very hard and I'm anxious to get in the ring. I always work on my fundamentals and just stick to what I know. It always works for me. I love fighting in Reno because it’s close to home and most of my supporters get to come out! The people get so loud and it is the best feeling In the world knowing it’s for you. I think they should come out to this card because it will be a great night of boxing filled with talent and even matches. They can expect me to give a clinic and show some amazing boxing skills.”

  On Friday May 4, 2018 boxing will be back at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center when Let's Get It On Promotions brings live boxing back to Reno, NV. The card will be headlined by Oscar Vasquez (15-1) taking on tough Ricardo "El Nino" Sandoval (12-1) of Rialto, CA in a scheduled 8-round bout.  Tickets are still available and can be purchased on Ticketmaster.com starting at $35. Here is what some of the fighters had to tell us about their upcoming fights this Friday night including the main event contestants ...

Ricardo Lucio-Galvan

Ricardo Sandoval :

“I’m very prepared for this fight. We know that this fight is going to be tough so we put in the work at gym. We went to the beach and to Big Bear to be at 100% for this fight. It feels awesome you know. It’s a privilege to be fighting in the main event. It motivated me to keep working hard!”

Diego Elizondo