vs. Michael Carbajal


“The Bulldog” Scotty Olsen was a very tough boxer during his era. The Canadian boxer represented his country in the ’88 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea in which he defeated “The Pocket Rocket” Wayne McCullough, but lost to American silver medalist Michael Carbajal. He fought many of the best fighters during his career. It was a pleasure having him on to interview on TheBoxingBar podcast! Listen to him talk about his career … 

vs. Eliseo Gomez

vs. Jose Luis Velarde

vs. Eleasar Bravo

vs. Diosdado Andujar

vs. Roger Espanola

vs. Jose Luis Zepeda


"The Bulldog"


vs. Juventino Delgado

vs. Roman Solis

vs. Jose DeJesus Gomez