Adam “Bomb” Flores was a Ventura County heavyweight prospect back in the 90’s. It was rare but exciting to see a local Latino heavyweight when the city of Oxnard had just started to make some noise in the boxing world. I first saw Flores on an undercard fight in Oxnard which featured the debut of the city’s 1996 Olympian “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas on USA’s popular “Tuesday Night Fights” series on March 25, 1997. Since ending his career in 2000, Flores has managed and coached local fighters. His brother, Cecilio, is a popular strength & condition coach who works with such fighters as Vasyl Lomachenko. Here is what Adam Flores had to say when I asked him in December 2016 what it was like being an “805 Fighter” during his day … asked Adam Flores, "
What did you think of your boxing career?"

Adam Flores : “I believe my desire as an athlete was always to be a successful and productive one, especially the one that mirrored my high school and collegian successes. There was tremendous excitement in and around my time with the type of boxing school being taught and offered here in Oxnard. I was very fortunate in having a boxing coach like Mr. Eduardo Garcia, Robert Garcia's father. His knowledge and his guidance really propelled me and taught me quite a bit in both the ins and outs of boxing. One of the biggest opportunities came specifically because of Mr. Garcia. With his influence I was able to participate and be a part of the Mexican selection in reaching the Olympic 1996 Olympic box's offs.
In high school I was CIF Champion wrestler, and in college I was All-American. I played football at Sacramento State. That's why now as a coach I bring a lot different philosophies. Lots of experience.
I also had the opportunity of training with Olympic Cuban coach Mariano Leyva. In Cuba I trained in "La Finca de los Monos" Olympic training center with three-time Olympic gold-medalist Felix Savon. I'm probably the only Mexican- American ever that was able to have the opportunity to train and live in Cuba being part of the Mexican selection. It was probably one of the most remarkable experiences I ever had as an athlete.”

Adam "The Bomb" Flores