John Montes : "GGG is going to win!"

Librado Andrade : "I don't think it will be like the first fight. I do think Canelo has the tools to make the necessary adjustments and will win by decision. But if he tries to knockout Golovkin, he will lose by KO."

"Big" John Bray : "Canelo earned this fight. Let's see if he puts it all together come fight night. Mexico loves it's boxers. Lots of pressure, I think, for that reason like the great Mexican champions before him. Pride. He's coming in at his best and GGG is always ready. I've known Abel since I was an intermediate division boxer. He's good! Tough fight. There's going to be bombs."

Christy Martin : "GGG by TKO in 8."

Adrian Arreola : "I think Canelo has a good chance to win by KO."

Joe "Fair But Firm" Cortez : "Canelo Alvarez has to come out fighting in a style unlike he did last year. He has to stay away from the ropes and use more combinations as well as using angels. But if he decides to slug it out with Golovkin he will be in danger of getting knocked out. Triple G has to keep Canelo at bay using lots of jabs and combinations as well. If he has no legs, he will be in serious trouble . My prediction is Triple G winner by TKO in the 11th round."

Melchor Cob-Castro : "I'm going for Canelo!"

"The Iceman" John Scully : "I felt that last time out Canelo fought a very good fight at times and exhibited very, very good defensive skills. He at times seemed to be in a solid zone and he made Triple G miss a lot of punches and he countered at times with super precision. But with all things being considered I would say it would be very hard for him to find that zone again against this particular guy. And the steroid situation and the doubts that may be in his head right now with the stricter testing, it could be an issue. Meaning that if he was using, or even if he wasn't, but he felt stronger because of the meat he ate. Now he won't be able to do that. The mind is a funny thing and if his isn't strong, he might get steamrolled."

Orlando Canizales : "Canelo by decision!"

Alejandro "La Cobrita" Gonzalez" : Well I feel that in this fight it will be difficult for both fighters, but more for the Mexican because he has very few fights at 160. It will be very, and I mean very, hard for Canelo to win." (translated)

Montell "Ice" Griffin : "Canelo. GGG is slipping."

Keith Holmes : "A good boxer beats a good puncher most of the time. That’s my prediction."

 Alfonso Zamora : "In my opinion Canelo should win because in the the last fight he proved to be the better boxer." (translated)

Henry Ramirez : "I’m expecting another close fight but I'm going with GGG by decision."

Henry Tillman : "I like GGG but you can't count Canelo out. GGG by decision."

Lupe Contreras : "I believe Canelo by UD if he makes the adjustments and comes in with better stamina, he pulls off an impressive win."

Junior "Poison" Jones : "I'm going with Canelo!"

Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy : "In this matchup I feel Canelo will knockout Triple G in a very exciting KO win within 7 rounds."

Gabriel Ruelas : "I really hope that I'm wrong, but I think GGG is gonna win."

Pepe Reilly : "I like GGG to win, although I am rooting for Canelo Alvarez. I just think that GGG is naturally a bigger guy that has more basic stability, and his press forward style is effective based on that against Canelo’s. If Canelo finds a way to let his hands go and challenge GGG’s stability, he could hurt him and try to finish the fight with that momentum."

Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik : "I’m taking Canelo! I think he could of won the first fight if he would have kept the fight in the middle of the ring. In the first three rounds he did, and those were the only rounds I gave him! If you go back and watch the fight you will see how good he did when he was off the ropes. Secondly GGG's age may have caught up to him also. I just think Canelo will do some things differently."

Thell Torrence : "A tough pick which would depend on who’s able to maintain their game plan. I’ll go with Canelo."

Ross "The Boss" Thompson : "I have Canelo winning a 12-round decision or a late stoppage."

Maureen "The Million Dollar Baby" Shea : "I’ve got GGG winning by decision."

Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez : "I like both fighters. They have given boxing wonderful memories. In their last fight I thought GGG pulled out the win, but I believe for some reason Canelo will out box him and steal the rounds. I was impressed by how Canelo used the ring but didn't do enough to win. In this revenge fight, I think he will try and make a statement and eek out a victory. Canelo by split decision."

Jesse James Leija : "Canelo by a very close split decision."

Anabel "La Avispa" Ortiz : "I support Canelo. I think he will win by decision." (translated)

Nate "The Galaxy Warrior" Campbell : "It's a pick 'em indeed."

Giovani "El Guerrero Azteca" Segura : "I think Canelo will feel more comfortable in this fight because last time he figured out that it's hard for Golovkin to cut off the ring and Canelo felt very comfortable boxing and ducking those punches of Golovkin. Also, he took very few shots and I think Canelo has a chin to take a power shot from Golovkin. He can take control of the fight by getting in exchanges of punches and moving around when he gets hit. I see a comfortable Canelo and a frustrated Golovkin in this fight. I think Canelo even has a chance to knockout Golovkin but he has to be very cautious in the first four to six rounds." it out!

Sergio Reyes : "Canelo by split decision. Canelo vs. GGG #3 next May."

Ray Lovato : "I think GGG pulls it off on points."

Here are some predictions given prior to the Gennadiy Golovkin - Saul "Canelo" Alvarez highly anticipated rematch on Sept. 15, 2018. These are from different people in the boxing game. Check it out!

Raul "El Diamante" Marquez : "I saw GGG winning the first fight and I pick him to win the rematch too."

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez : "If Canelo comes out hard it could be Canelo by KO. If not, they go 12 rounds and GGG wins on points."

Frankie "El Huero" Duarte : "That’s a tough one. Despite what people are saying, the first fight was close. Let’s say that GGG won most of the rounds, which makes for a deceiving way to look at that fight, because in reality those rounds that were given to him were very close rounds. Another false statement was that Canelo ran. Canelo never ran. He backed up a lot, but that’s not running. At the end of the fight I had GGG winning but every round I had to think about it. If you have to stop and think about it, that means it was close. I think that this fight will pretty much be the same as the last except for the the fact that it’s a year later. That works more in favor of Canelo because he is younger."

Rosendo "El Bufalo" Alvarez : "In my humble opinion I think that the winner will be Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. In the last fight the took away the victory from him. It was a very close fight but he connected the better punches and escaped getting hit by Golovkin's best shots. This Saturday, September 15, we will see Canelo be faster and without any fear facing Golovkin face to face. I feel that he can even win by KO. He has the tools to beat him which include youth, better boxing technique, equally as strong, good lateral movement, and better ring generalship. I see Canelo winning on my card." (translated)

Zahir "Z-Man" Raheem : "It’s a tough one especially with so much controversy . I believe Canelo is the better boxer but not necessarily the smarter boxer. After all the art is hit and not get hit ."