Roman Karmazin

"Canelo will win by a technical knockout after 10 rounds because he is the younger and stronger man."

Carlos "El Famoso" Hernandez

"I believe Canelo will win. He has something to prove. Call it egotistical. Call it inspired. I feel he has a debt to his people since his loss to Bivol and was probably embarrassed. Now on the other side, GGG I suspect has lost a step or two. He’s older and I think Canelo will capitalize big time. This fight is Canelo’s redemption. Canelo by TKO or unanimous decision."

Alfonso Zamora

"GGG will win by decision." (translated)

Miguel Cubos

"I think Canelo Alvarez will win by unanimous decision. Logically, GGG has been training hard for this fight so he will be well prepared. But at this moment Canelo Alvarez is stronger, faster and most importantly younger and preparing himself well for this fight. . I would want to bet on a KO or TKO but in boxing there always rivals that exist that you can't knockout. But Canelo Alvarez will take the fight." (translated)

Ray "Sucra" Oliveira

"I believe Canelo will win easily . He is much more comfortable with "Triple G". I believe Canelo's body and mind feels much younger, and if you feel it and believe it you are it."

Lovemore N'Dou

"Canelo wins. It will be a clear cut points win for Canelo or even a knockout in the later rounds. Canelo has improved with every fight. In the Dmitry Bivol fight, size is what beat Canelo. Despite all the success he has achieved, so far he remains humble and hungry. That’s what makes him a dangerous fighter. It’s the tough Mexican spirit within him that keeps him hungry and going."

Randall Bailey

"Canelo is going to stop GGG."

John Molina Jr.

"For sure Canelo will win. No disrespect to GGG, he's a great fighter but his age is catching up to him. His body takes too long to get going now. This should be the easiest fight of the three for Canelo, and I say that with the upmost respect to GGG."

Carlos Palomino

"Canelo will win. GGG is too old."

Robert Garcia

"I think Canelo should win by stoppage in this fight. I just think GGG is just past his prime."

Frankie "El Huero" Duarte

"I have to go with Canelo. GGG hasn't been active and he's gotten old."

Hervi Estrada

"This is now a 100% Canelo. He will also stop him in like the 10th or 11th round."

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez

"Canelo by decision or a late fight knockout."

"Mighty" Mike Anchondo

"The first one was GGG’s. He caught Canelo with more precise punching throughout. In the second one should have been a draw. Let’s see if age is factor. Or does heart and grit have anything to do with boxing anymore?  I think GGG, by close but rightfully earned decision."

Herman Montes

"Canelo has been way more busier, and he will take the next fight with him and GGG. Canelo victory!"

Henry Tillman

"It will be a good fight but Canelo has youth on his side.  Canelo wins by decision."

Rudy Hernandez

"First 2 fights were competitive. I had Triple G winning the first fight 116-112. In the second fight, I scored it in favor of Triple G, but wouldn't argue a 115-113 in Canelos favor. In fight number three there will be a big difference. One got older (Triple G), the other is on a mission to destroy. Canelo needs a big knockout. I don't think this fight will be as competitive as the first two were. Canelo is younger, faster, and has the confidence. He will make a statement Sept 17. Canelo by knockout within eight rounds, I think."

Clarence "Bones" Adams

"Canelo! He boxes too good now to lose against GGG."

Michael "Second To" Nunn

"I think it will be a close fight with Canelo probably getting the victory in a hard fought fight. But GGG isn't going to go out and just lay down. Canelo lost his last fight to a good Russian boxer, and now he has another Russian fighter trying to give him another loss. It should be a good fight with two champs. The best man will win. This should be a good match up, Albert. It looks good on paper."

Jose Luis Zertuche

"Canelo will win by tenth round knockout." (translated)

"The Iceman" John Scully

"To be completely honest, I didn’t even realize GGG was still fighting anymore. He had a great career and I’m a big fan but if Canelo is still the man he was before the Bivol fight, I think he wins impressively over the distance against GGG. I could even see a later round stoppage happening."

"Poison" Junior Jones

"I'm going with Canelo."

Reggie Johnson

"50/50. But if you twist my arm and make me pick one, I would pick Canelo to lose based on his last fight in which he lost."

Rafael Ruelas

"I expect the fight to be a good fight because for GGG this would be a huge win. He knows that Canelo will likely be seeking a KO to redeem himself after his loss to Bivol. This should help make the fight more action packed and increase the possibility of a KO. I think and hope for Canelo to score a KO, but as we know in boxing the unexpected is always a possibility. My pick is Canelo in 10 rounds."

Carlos Castro

"My opinion is that I think Canelo will beat GGG just with the fact that Canelo has to prove to the world that he is still the p4p king. So that gives him way more motivation to go out there and outshine GGG. He cannot lose again."

Montell "Ice" Griffin

"Canelo because youth is on his side."

Fulgencio Zuniga

"Canelo will be the winner by split decision." (translated)

Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik

"I believe Canelo will. Or should. He has tasted the bigger guys now at light heavyweight and has just about gotten acclimated to that weight class. GGG is much older now as well. I see this not being as competitive as it was then. GGG still has that power to change a ball game though. I just feel it’s going to be harder for him to find it."

Melchor Cob Castro

"If Canelo doesn't win by knockout, he is not the fighter that he and everybody says he is. GGG has to show that he is the better of the two like we have seen in the previous two fights." (translated)

Who will win the third fight between "Canelo" Alvarez and "Triple G" ?

Egis Kavaliauskas

"I think Canelo will stop GGG in later rounds."

Mauricio Herrera

"I think it will be interesting from the start. GGG has a good chance getting to Canelo early. If all is good with him, he can still give him a close fight or maybe get robbed again. I’m just shooting in the dark. I have not watched their last fights really good."

Ross "The Boss" Thompson

"Canelo should win. I don’t understand why they're even fighting for a third time. Canelo beat him twice. There's no use to fight him again."

Augie Sanchez

"I feel with the inactivity of GGG and his age, is going to play a factor. I feel that Canelo has GGG’s number he has the potential of stopping him in late rounds. If he doesn’t stop him it will be unanimous decision."

Daniel Santos

"Well I think that if GGG and his team studied the last fight with Canelo and used the same strategy there could be great possibilities for him. But you can't say anything is for sure. In boxing, nothing is written especially these days with the decisions that judges give that shock the fans." (translated)

Kirino Garcia

"Canelo will win."

Rosendo "El Bufalo" Alvarez

"I'm sure Canelo is more accentuated at 168 lbs. Also, Triple G is forty years old. This could be his last fight." (translated)

Keenan Carbajal

"Canelo by KO I feel like Canelo was already on his way to stopping GGG in the second fight He had already figured him out And purposely waited this long for the 3rd fight to age him."

Richie Sandoval

"As you know, they understand each other by now. Who can throw the other off their game plan and counter attack in and out. Sounds easier said than done. The part that comes in may be the one question I lean toward Alvarez. Also, who comes in strong and durable."

Librado Andrade

"Oh man! I think Canelo wins. We will see the first rounds pretty much the same thing as we did in the last 24 rounds. But Gennady slowing down a bit faster then Canelo. The best bet, Gennady has to hurt Canelo in the early rounds and that will be very unlikely. Age is a big factor in this fight now. Canelo really needs to look good to recapture his audience again."

Jesse James Leija

"I think Canelo will win this fight convincingly. He has fought bigger guys, and coming down to fight GGG will be to his advantage. Plus, GGG has not been getting any younger."