Woman boxing pioneer Graciela Casillas, of Oxnard, drops her opponent. She was the first fighter (man or woman) to hold a world boxing and kickboxing title at the same time.

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Roger Romo making a hometown entrance to the ring at a local fight.

Frank Fields made his pro debut in the beginning of 1901 in Oxnard. He fought several of his early fights in Oxnard, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. He is thought to have spent his last years at Camarillo State Hospital and died on February 16, 1965 at the age of 83. He is buried at Ivy Lawn Memorial cemetery in Ventura, CA. 

Ventura County's favorite heavyweight Adam "The Bomb" Flores smiles for the camera while sitting ringside on fight night.

Carlos "El Terror" Madrigal is lifted by the "trainer of Oxnard champions" Eduardo Garcia after his third round knockout victory at the Cow Palace in Daly City in April 1998. This fight was just one month after Mr. Garcia guided his son Robert, to become Oxnard's first world champion.

"Sweet" Jose Aguniga wins another amateur fight. Aguiniga and his brother, Mario, were outstanding amateur fighters who boxed out of La Colonia Boxing Club. He left the professional boxing scene with a perfect 33-0 but never fought for a world title. 

Photo credit : Jesus Solis

Saul Perez was one of the best amateur fighter ever out of Oxnard. He trained with La Colonia's head trainer Martin Noriega. Perez won several tournaments during his era.

The Oxnard Courier's article on Sam McVey's upcoming fight in Oxnard against George Sullivan. McVey won the bout by sith round knockout.

Oxnard Press Courier - The La Colonia Boxing Gym when it was closing down as Oxnard Fire Station #2 and relocating to Pleasant Valley Rd..

Oxnard fighter Ramon Villanueva makes local headlines after scoring an amateur victory against future world champion Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez.  Villanueva is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Here is an album with many pictures featuring people from Ventura County, California (the 805) in the boxing world. Thank you to those that shared pictures including Salvador Santamaria and Melanie Ley.

Ventura County's legendary fighter Ray "Windmill" White was one of the 805's most popular fighters to those that watched the sport in the 60's and 70's. He was considered to be the original "clown prince" of boxing with his in-ring antics like the around-the-back punch. Mr. White lives in the Ojai area of Ventura County.

Article on Joel Salas about his goal on making the Olympic team.

Picture of "El Platanito" Joel Salas.

Roger Romo (right) jabs Matthew Doucette (left) in one of Romo's first sparring sessions at the La Colonia Boxing Club in Oxnard while brother Fernando Vargas shouts words of encouragement. Eduardo Garcia and Rolando Reyes look on.

Frank Ontiveros in action while in prison. He was known for his stocky-frame, heavy hands, and all-out style of fighting often boxing against fighters that looked to be twice his size and at a higher weight class.

Oxnard fighters (left to right) Ramon Villanueva,  Sal Lopez, Javier Garcia, Mariano Solorio, and henry Prado are featured in Oxnard's The Press Courier newspaper in March 1989. These fighters were trained by Martin Noriega.

Frank "Panchito" Ontiveros was a Ventura County resident who was incarcerated for many years during his adulthood. He was considered to be one of the most feared prison fighters in his time. He spent time in prisons like San Quentin, Norco, Tracy (DVI), and Soledad.

"The California Bear" Mack House was a Ventura resident. He fought one of his first boxing matches in El Rio in 1922 and fought until 1934. He joined the military and became a sergeant in World War II. 

"El Platanito" Joel Salas (middle) with commentator Bernardo Osuna (left), and ring announcer Lupe Contreras.

Graciela Casillas fought in the first ever all-women boxing card in history held on July 13, 1979 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Casillas won her bout by decision.

"Panchito" Ontiveros helped train and mentor many early Ventura County fighters for many years at the local gyms.

Boxing trainer Felix Vega passed away on December 26, 2017 at the age of 73. He is buried in his lifelong city of Santa Paula's Pierce Brothers Cemetery. Vega train Ventura County's first world champion Lupe Aquino who is also from Santa Paula, CA.

Fernando Vargas pictures as the youngest ever National champion here. On December 12, 1998 he became the youngest Jr. Middleweight champion ever until 2011 which was broken by Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in 2011.

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Here’s an article of a May 1902 local Oxnard newspaper (The Press Courier) on his upcoming fight card in town featuring Frank Fields at the old Pioneer Hall.

Mariano Solorio posing for a picture with a young Jorge "Maromero" Paez in the late 1980's.

Santa Barbara's Francisco "Chia" Santana poses with former world champion Willie Jorrin of Sacramento, CA.

The friendly, heavyweight, Adam Flores, poses for a picture. During Flores' era, it was a rarity to see a heavyweight boxer of Mexican decent.

Rolando "El Pochito" Reyes was on of Oxnard's most exciting fighters to watch. He was known to have crowd-pleasing style with a knockout punch. Reyes lived across the street from the La Colonia Gym and made it his second home.